Hello – or as we say in Greece – geia sas!

Welcome to our virtual page which illustrates how I envision your ceremonies & events through my lens! I’m Konstantinos Tanainis, a professional destination photographer & Photo Booth business owner. I specialize in many different types of photography. To begin with, I am a destination wedding & christening photographer.

I also, enjoy taking photographs of events, such as conferences, concerts. Lastly, I also invest time in newborn and family photography.

A couple of words about my love & passion for photography; a form of art. I decided to pursue this profession in 2019 when I began my studies at Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes in Chicago, IL, USA. In 2020, I completed the three levels of photography and put my knowledge to practice.

My family and I are now based in Chios, Greece where I have had the opportunity throughout the years to work alongside fellow colleagues. My dream, to create my own business, has become a reality. My hope is to travel throughout Greece and beyond to capture your precious & divine moments.

Client Coordinator

Geia sas! Hello!

Welcome! I’m Anna Mari, Konstantino’s wife & client coordinator. Yes, you can call this site, a family business! I have decided to invest my time & appetite for work into my husband’s greatest passion; photography!

At first hand, you will be speaking with me, from scheduling a video call all the way to booking your “I Do” date.

We really love meeting our clients, so please feel free to schedule a complimentary ceremony or event consultation, which can be done through Facetime or Skype. The magic starts when we all come together as a team with Konstantinos to conclude on final details & specifics. Together, we will create images that are like no other!

We are committed to offering quality and innovation for each and every client.