Konstantinos DP


Grand Openings

It’s a blessing to say that one has opened the doors of his/her dream business; your grand-opening. Together we can capture moments of this special day where friends and family come together to honor your strive of creating your own occupational space.

Our clients have only the best to say when it comes to “immortalizing” these milestones. May we recommend to add to your grand opening our Sapphire Ring Roamer V2 iPad based Photo Booth? It’s perfect for guests to enjoy, by taking photos, GIFs, Boomerangs or even videos!

Let’s talk business together through our complimentary consultation video call.


Concerts are constantly happening throughout all parts of the world. Given that we are a destination photography business, we love to travel throughout Greece and beyond to captures singers, band members and artists with our lens.

Music is an integral part of life which transmits spirit & soul to everything around it.  It would be a pleasure for us to meet you through a complimentary consultation video call via Skype or Facetime.

Together, we can unite both forms of art; photography & music to create a phenomenal result!


Business Conferences are an essential part to running a successful business. More & more are happening worldwide, whether they’re close to base or a destination conference. We love it when our lens travel, as it broadens our business’ s horizons and gives us the opportunity to reach your ultimate photography expectations.

We would also like to recommend our Sapphire Ring Roamer V2 iPad based Photo Booth, an essential device to entertain your colleagues. Feel free to check out it’s capabilities as we are certain that they will blow you away!

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